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Sacred Place


Place as a refuge.  These photographs explore space as a belief and are the result of a search for the places of myth. The gardens and the groves and the orchards and the caves were the result of a belief in the sanctity of place.  This is a look at the everyday places that are assigned a belief.  This series looks at the stories, which surround space and place and become a study of what the imagination can perceive as real. 


​​These are the stories that have created a place where imagination, reality and memory collide into superstition and worship.  Each one contains a common element of research and re-telling, which shapes a perception of an artifact.


In the past, food was a nourishing gift from the gods, and humans shared gratefulness and humbleness associated with knowing what would bring and take life, joy and celebration.  Food was celebrated and enjoyed and worshiped. Thestories, when retold, have for centuries contained the potions to sustain life, the secrets of destinies, made cause to be weary.  Images can re-tell the stories and re-look at a perception shaped by centuries of myth.

Seeking Allegory

These are narratives from myth, folklore, history and memory that continue the tradition of telling and interpreting. The photographs are made in the act of storytelling. They are interpreted stories to reference past and community, but they often become a moment when the memory unfolds.


They are always, simply stories re-told.

Blue Unfolds

Images without reality are a story woven in fictions.  


There is a perception of images as being timeless, floating in a bed of reality, story and reference. Making this is an act of remembering and of collecting. I have collaborated with memory in a recording of recollections.


Like poetry or a short story, the stories are mine, they are shared, they are borrowed secrets and they have been a constructed experience.


my people were chicken people
turner falls texas
my christmas cati blooms in spring
chickens inside small life
found bay found sky
a mountain scape stitched
pink house found roof
dreams and icecream
his fancy historic face
Pink West Texas
new york I wanted to photograph
moon baby moon
traveling lady
a fairly land of ice and snow
pink flower train
inside outside garden mirror
on the stairs and inside
a found garden in a book
in Europe visit churches

This project started with scans I made of photographs inherited from family archives. Shoe boxes of old photographs; some of them funny, others strange, many familiar in ways that only I can understand, and some not familiar at all.  


No matter the source, what these original photographs have in common is that they were unimportant in subject but intentional in action.  I fell in love with the mistakes and odd moments.  I created a digital collage from these borrowed moments, they become collaboration between the original photographers and myself – a borrowed story of snapshots and whimsical accidents. Each tells two sides: one is real, but unknown, and the other is fiction made real by the telling of it. 

wanderlust 9
wanderlust 6

This project started with a un-dusting of photo archives from my past projects.  These were un-used images that never fit into what was happening at the moment.  

They were from travels and home, from quick snap shots and studied landscapes.  I combined images from afar and images from my home into a montage of place and time. 

This series is a look at where I was, where I went and what I found in a round about return to home.

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